PMS Club Explained

Felisa and Fran
Felisa and Fran

Are you feeling the aches and pains of an aging body?

Do you wonder where you left your purse and your mind?

Are your emotions hanging as low as other parts of your anatomy?

Then welcome to the P.M.S. Club!

“A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones” Proverbs 15:30 & 16:24.

The P.M.S. Club was formed by a group of ladies in September 2002 with the purpose of encouraging us older women to remain young at heart no matter what changes in life we might be experiencing. Although we often feel the hormonal imbalances that come with maturity of age, we also know the importance of remaining relevant in a culture that may overlook the wisdom of the aged.

After much thought and deliberation (about 10 minutes) we decided on the symbol of a piercing to show our independence, relevancy, and wisdom. Therefore, the acronym P.M.S. was chosen. It stands for “Pierced Matron’s Society.”

It was the Lord who gave nose rings to His people (see Ezekiel 16:12) and Rebecca is referred to as having a nose ring in Genesis 24:15-47. Therefore, while we reject the spiritual heaviness that often accompanies various types of piercings, we embrace the spiritual beauty and freedom that God had in mind when He adorned His people with such jewelry.

P.M.S. may contain tongue-in-cheek humor, but it is one way of maintaining friendships and a positive attitude when others may be nurturing depression, loneliness, and negativity. Growing older can be fun!

Marilyn, Annie, and Diane
Marilyn, Annie, and Diane

P.M.S. Club Creed:

  • Each of our club members is 45 years old or older.
  • We really don’t care what other people think anymore. As older women we have earned the right to act and dress as we choose.
  • We each have something pierced. (Pierced ears are OK, but must contain a really ugly pair of earrings. Faked piercings are also acceptable.)
  • Nothing serious can be discussed at our meetings. At our age we deserve the right to laugh a lot and exercise our ability to forget the things we choose to forget. It is therefore OK to retell the same jokes at each meeting – we won’t remember them anyway! Each person is encouraged to forget that she has problems.
  • Door prizes will be awarded for the most original “piercing” and the best joke. (Obviously, nothing indecent is acceptable.)
  • Meetings are whenever we choose to have them because we just want to get together with friends and laugh.

Welcome to our PMS Club and stayed tuned to this blog for any upcoming events (our favorite being our Christmas tea in Cambria in December.)

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